Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mr Eathishit this one is for you

Dear Mr Eathishit

Let us , take a moment , and consider what is the function of blogging in the first place ?? . When you first sign up for a blog , what does the titanic Google ad say , it says something along the lines of " get a blog , its free , express your thoughts " , or at the very least something similar ,to that , if my memory serves me right . The keyword here is " EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS " , the minute that is lost blogging loses its sanctity.

So what if people want to blog about, Korean bitches, atheism or whatever it is that satisfies them, they should be entitled to do so.

Personally it sounds like you are against blogging in general and you will attack even the most articulate and admirable of bloggers. People have the right to use their respective blogs to express whatever they see fit, not what you deem is appropriate.

Moreover, Mr. eathishit , your grammar is atrocious , your vocabulary seems to be restricted to four letter profanities . If you are to condescend all these other bloggers, and I strongly suggest you take a look at the man in the mirror first. - Excuse the Michael Jackson analogy, it just fits perfectly.

Now , Mr. eathishit , you have every right ,to patronize others , and continue with your child like maundering , because as I mentioned before , freedom of speech is what blogging is all about .

However, what you are doing makes me wonder, how different are you from the ISA , really ?? , yes they wouldn't , have tolerated atheism or attacks on Islam , but they do go around , telling people what they should and should not say , what is seditious and what is fit to grace the internet .

So technically, if you looked at it, with an open mind, liberated of all predisposed thoughts you sir , are NO DIFFERENT from them .

Stop trying to be so sagacious , my friend , because you are clearly nothing but a baby that won’t shut up , till he gets his pacifier , whatever that maybe in your case , I have no idea , and I honestly shudder to even think about it .

Please by all means, continue, your rant, I have no right to stop you and neither does anyone else in this macabre world we call "cyberspace".

In fact I would be insulted and ashamed if you did stop , because you have a right to express whatever it is pent up within you , just like everyone one else .

My humble , appeal is simply this , take a strong hard look at yourself , if you’re at ease with what you are doing , if you are comfortable with having the maturity of a five year old and raving like one. Then please sir by all means , do continue.

Besides, your blog is amusing, in a Homer Simpson sort of way. Oh wait perhaps, I should take that back , Homer is dim , but I'm sure even he has more nous than you do .

Do as you please, you do not have to heed a word I have just said , you can permit them(the words), to simply penetrate one ear and abscond through the other .

I am merely conveying my thoughts, and how flabbergasted I am , that someone who is anti-frivolous blogging , epitomises the very thing he is so stalwartly against .
You are certainly an oxymoron Mr Eathishit , but a highly amusing one indeed .

Good day to you sir , and I wish you luck in your future endeavours , whatever they may be .

*Please note no malice was intended here at all.

Au revoir , mon ami .